My Multigym & Location Review – Marcy 81010

So the early spring of 2020 brought a lot of uncertainty in the world, and I foresaw the gyms being closed to which I decided to quit my membership early on, having already purchased a treadmill I was on the hunt for something that would be durable, heavy and with room for me to grow into as it were.

This being before the days of scrambling to pickup equipment online I got what I believe to be my perfect solution just in time, In fact I got the last one available across every dealership I was looking at, prices were going up hundreds of pounds every refresh, it was pretty crazy.

What drove me mainly to this machine is its impressive 200lbs weight stack in 13 increments, I viewed this as more than enough for atleast maintaining me through what I thought would initially be a short lockdown phase, and at the time of buying not a complete solution to everything.

Stats for this item come in at – 213 x 99 x 132 cm; 170 Kilograms

though this is quite a slim machine which is another reason for being drawn to it (as they come) you want to make sure you have adequate space each side of you, a corner of a room is ideal with space either side to use the pec deck and lateral pulldown without scraping against the wall.

I decided to set up this machine in my living room with a panel room divider to keep things looking neat and tidy, and I have to say it works very well and does not intrude too much visually.

As you can see I got myself a “spa” style room divider to nest this unit in and can fold it around the area when not in use.

This generally keeps girlfriends happy if you are going for an indoor “corner of room” approach.

The kit itself allows you to do the following exercises and more in a handy chart provided which I will put below, This is good for beginners.

I also bought myself some third party equipment for specialist isolation exercises however if you have a high and low pulley system the options are endless.

The options are pretty good for the side of the machine itself, and as you can see you can activate all major muscle groups.

This will allow you to build muscle for almost all isolation exercises you will ever need as well as build a good strength in your chest, limitations obviously come to lower body strength, you can do cable deadlifts however I do not advise doing this, though I was able to lift the whole stack with ease on this I felt this is a quick way to slowly damage your cable pulley, I also found I was moving the entire unit when doing this so deadlifting and squatting are possible to an extent but ideally for people looking to tone these muscles only, If you are looking for heavy compound movements only then this is not for you, go and buy a rack, barbell and weight plates.

I find the high pulley very strong and stable, with an assuring feeling when loading max plates for a pulldown that this is well within the machines capabilities.

The attachments you get with this machine –

  • Multi Pulldown bar
  • Preacher Curl cable attachment
  • Ankle strap

However I also bought myself a V pulldown bar, a wider grip will give you girth but a narrow grip is best for thickness .

A Tricep rope can also be easily bought from eBay.

When it comes to assembly, I found this took me about 9 hours start to finish, this is a job you want to set a whole day aside for.

It will come in a number of boxes on a pallet and the exploded assembly instructions look very intimidating but if you follow them step by step you should have no trouble.

The only negatives I have found thus far with the machine is the rear pulley seems to come out of its alignment quite easily which would quickly damage the cable if you are not careful, it is easy to correct but I do find myself checking before every set.

I also find that the machine could probably do with lubrication in the pulley system for a smoother operation again just the lower pulley.

All in all this machine has lived up to everything it said it would do almost a year down the line and I plan to take good care of it for many years to come.

Expect to pay around £600 for this item in the UK when in stock, you also receive a 3 year warrenty

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