Buying gym equipment during Covid 19 lock down – navigating scalpers, sharks & fraudsters!

2020 Will be remembered for a lot of things, however we will all remember the great toilet roll shortage!

This principle simply comes down to supply and demand (and greed / profiteering).

You may remember the exact same happened with second hand gym equipment.
Listings on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Craigslist etc… for ridiculous prices unfortunately are not rare.

People know there is a shortage going round, all the genuine new equipment quickly sold out at the beginning, for example –

This is all too common across all major retailers of home and industrial gym equipment, which has lead to people buying up all the stock and re selling for prices most people are not willing to pay. Though it only takes one person desperate enough.


The principle of supply and demand fluctuates normally on a seasonal basis, the “new year new me” attitude takes a huge jump in sales demand from Christmas to the January sales for instance.

However long we may find ourselves in lock down is uncertain however its severity fluctuates, here in the United Kingdom we operate on a tiered basis judging what is able to be open on the risk factor of outbreaks of Covid19 as you can see below.

I have highlighted how this relates to the commercial gym industry.

Now as you can see above, gyms can operate at a reduced capacity following strict rules, similar policies apply in the USA and elsewhere across the globe.

Using my home country as an example I can tell you that when we switch from MEDIUM / HIGH – VERY HIGH this is when we see the majority of people buying second hand equipment, this is when con artists will list ridiculous prices like below.

As you can below the sellers often are exactly as you would imagine them to be, they are not worth doing business with no matter how desperate you are to get your equipment. A desperate buyer is an opportunity for a shark.

So here is my simple advice, plan ahead, people will sell their equipment when they may return to their gyms, be with their mates, have their peripheral vision on their gym crush squatting etc.. and no longer wish to have temporary makeshift equipment around the house.

THIS is when you can buy for reasonable amounts of money.

Or better yet, buy direct from the manufacturers or sales outlets, their prices have generally remained the same, which is still costly but gone are the days of buying second hand rusty plates for peanuts. Check often, Be fast but sure in what you are buying, do your research on both the company and equipment, a good approach to this is sitting refreshing your page in the morning at Ticketmaster for a festival pass when a release is due.

Personally I went as far as securing some weight plates from an outlet in Lithuania and Ireland which I would only advise as a last resort however personally I would rather do this than line the pocket of a scumbag.

If you must buy second hand, buy when restrictions have lifted, if you are serious about a home gym set up, this is the time to find what you need! take advantage of other peoples impatience and look ahead, you can use this mindset for a lot of things beyond gym equipment, but this will ensure you can be smiling while the herd scavenge for what they can find when the gyms close again.

Nobody wants these circumstances and I do feel for the gyms that have shut down and are out of business, but this is the time to procure what you need to know you can get through any situation outside your front door and be a happy lifter from the comfort of your own abode.

Stay turned to find out exactly what I purchased for my set up next time at a reasonable price.

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