Building A Home Gym During COVID19 – An Introduction

You may have been in an avid routine, starting a new lifestyle or anything in between there is no denying that the shock and awe of the global effects of Covid19 rocked the world in a way never seen before in peacetime, suddenly priorities changed and a new way of life is upon us at least for the time being.

Fitness is one of the key ingredients to upping your odds of successfully having an immune system in prime condition to fight infection, should this happen it can be the difference between life and death in some respects, with obesity being one of the major factors in complications with the virus, therefore although the commercial fitness industry has been brought to its knees you need not give up your regime.

Goals and aspirations are still achievable no matter how big or small, if you were into anything from light yoga to aesthetic “Zyzz” style bodybuilding, compound “big 3” power lifting to competitive strongman and I aim to provide everyone reading this with some options no matter your budget to keep your vision alive and a mental light at the end of the tunnel.

It was around early March in 2020 there was talk of mass lock-downs within the UK, I cancelled my membership at a major chain I had been loyal to for over a decade and was even working towards my personal training certification. Reluctantly prior to this in around late February seeing what was coming I decided to start to purchase some equipment online (that I will discuss in another post, as well as how to avoid being ripped off by scalpers on Facebook!).

I will talk you through what it entails and how to make the most of simply having a few resistance bands in your living room to a section of a spare room, garage, or even garden.

If you plan on buying a multi gym, free weights, racks, plates, I will teach you how to save money and purchase items fit for the job no matter what that is and what to avoid.

What I have created is a purpose built outbuilding specifically designed for heavy lifting fully kitted out with power heating and lighting to survive the elements.

This is no small undertaking if you are ambitious about having a fully functional gym in your own home, but one that is incredibly rewarding and liberating, not only in times such as these but all the conveniences that come with it when life returns to normal.

The benefits of having a home gym can be –

  • No commute
  • No time limits or restraints, want to pull a 300KG dead lift at 4am? go ahead! just make sure you don’t piss your neighbors off too much! (and you MUST have suitable flooring which I will discuss in another post so stay tuned, I would not recommend going ahead and doing this on your kitchen floor!)
  • Your gym, your rules, no “lunk alarms” and such, grunt to your hearts desire on PR’s and (once its allowed) crack open a beer with your spotter or friends afterwards, theirs no licence law after all.
  • Make it yours. From equipment to style, A marvel flag on the wall? Inspirational figures, sports teams, use what motivates you and create YOUR space.
  • Investment, initial costs for a fully kitted outbuilding constructed on your property may be intimidating, however as the years go by it will stand firm as will your equipment if you choose wisely.
  • NO GERMS, speaks for itself! especially in the age of Covid, no sharing a Texas power bar with strangers sneezing onto their hands before you

So stay tuned to see the journey and learn from my mistakes and benefit from my experience as we take back control of our fitness journey!

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